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Technikal Support was born out of my love for the materials and processes of photography and a desire that prints reveal the intention of the artist, not the technology. I help photographers take control of their production so they aren't limited to picking a printer and paper off the shelf or sending a PDF to press with fingers crossed.

... the specific manner in which any photograph is printed can have a tremendous effect upon its meaning. —Richard Benson

Picture making isn't simply image reproduction—it is as much an art as it is a science. Technikal Support bridges the gap, so that artists can perfect their expression, regardless of whether it's for the screen, wall, or press. Have questions? Contact Technikal Support.




of negatives, transparencies, and prints up to 12 x 18 in. is handled by the Creo iQsmart 2. It combines high optical resolution with well-managed 16-bit color. Optional fluid mounting minimizes time spent retouching. For jobs with short turnarounds, negatives and transparencies up to 4 x 5 in. are scanned on the Hasselblad Flextight X5. File size is calculated for uncompressed 16-bit RGB images unless otherwise noted. Batch discounts are available and are determined by film format and scanner.

Device Price
iQsmart 2 $30 + 0.02/MB
iQsmart 2 (Fluid Mount) $40 + 0.02/MB
Flextight X5 $50
Expression 10000XL (8-bit) $10 + 0.05/MB

Service Price
Retouching (per hr.) $50


work begins with proper color management. First we determine your press's aim (a standard reference printing condition such as FOGRA or GRACoL). Then separations are made to best translate your photographs to that reference. Contract proofs are printed directly from the separations to ISO 12647-7:2016 specifications. For black & white reproductions, duotone or tritone separations are possible. These require close communication with your press and match prints are mandatory.

Service Price
Color Management (per hr.) $50
Image Correction (per hr.) $50
CMYK Separation $10
Contract Proof (13 x 19 in.) $25
Duo/Tritone Separation + Match Print $40
Inquire for volume pricing.

Pigment printing

up to 64 in. wide is done on the industry leading Epson SureColor P20000 through a CMYK based RIP. Before profiling with state-of-the-art tools, every paper undergoes rigorous testing to determine optimal ink densities, tune light ink crossovers, and linearize each channel. This ensures a large gamut, accurate neutrals, and smooth gradients. Extensive color correction, if necessary, is billed at $50/hr.

Dimensions First Add'l Proof
8-1/2 x 11 in. $45 $30 $10
11 x 14 in. $55 $40 $20
14 x 18 in. $75 $50 $25
18 x 24 in. $105 $70 $35
24 x 30 in. $150 $100 $50
30 x 40 in. $220 $145 $75
40 x 50 in. $330 $220 $110
50 x 70 in. $530 $355 $175
60 x 90 in. $780 $520 $260
Inquire for other sizes.


services include black & white film processing and gelatin silver printing. Small-batch rotary development and contact printing are available for formats up to 20 x 24 in. Enlargements are available for formats up to 5 x 7 in. Due to inconsistent supply chains and the rising cost of traditional photographic materials, all darkroom services are quoted on a per project basis.


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